Ableton Live Warp Tutorial

Last modified on 2011-12-05 00:01:06 GMT.

Here’s a little walkthrough (aimed mainly at DJ’s) of warping a track in Ableton 8.

1: Open up Ableton in ‘Session View’ .

2: Load up the track you wish to WARP by dragging onto an empty Audio Track. Now double click on the track to show the sample display


3: Look on the waveform of the track at the bottom of the screen and find the very first beat in the track. Zoom in as far as necessary for accuracy. Now double click to add a warp marker to the beginning of the beat.


Then right click warp marker and select ‘Set 1.1.1 here’.

Then delete any other markers.

(now if you have auto warp enabled you may end up with several warp markers, just select the last one, click ‘ctrl+a’ to select all then hit delete, this should just leave you with one marker at the start of the track).

Ableton’s auto warp is fairly accurate but it’s always best to fine tune it just in case so…

4: Look at a point a little further along in the track (say at 4,8 or 16 bars) zoom in again and see if the beat is still in line with the grid.

If it is then you can usually skip to near the end of the track, zoom in and check there, if not then repeat the instructions for the first beat.

Just double click at where the beat starts and it will create a yellow warp marker,


then just drag the marker over to the part of the grid it should be on


5: Then you should be able to navigate to near the end of your track and check the beats still line up to the grid (if not just create a new warp marker then drag to where the beat should be).

A little trick is also to keep an eye on the ‘seg. BPM’ as this will help show how accurate the warping is (i.e. if it says 137.99, then you are close enough and can figure out that the track is 138bpm, so a little tweak near the end of the track should tidy it up).


This should now have warped your track fine for DJ mixing!



    Points to remember & Tips…

    Always click on ‘save’ once warped.

    Be wary of tunes that have an extra beat or when the tune kicks back in a bar late (this can confuse occasionally).

    If you are unsure of where to drag your warp marker to then make a short 4bar (or 1) loop in the waveform (by clicking on ‘Loop’ and dragging the loop marker on the grey bar at the top to the point you wish to check) this will make it easier to see (or hear) where it should fit.

    Some tunes are a nightmare to warp and will require a lot of warp markers. These are usually tracks played and recorded by bands, or recorded of vinyl. Most electronic tracks you’ll pick up on mp3 or Wav will only require 2 or 3 markers!

    Always double check your warping by mixing a few tracks together to see if the beats all sync up nicely.


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