Radio Shows

Here are links to old radio shows of mine, all the PreFix:Hard shows, and some Eclectic Sessions too!

    Electronomist Pres. PreFix:Hard Shows (Originally broadcast on the now defunct…

Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 01!

01: DJ Gumja- Astraea
02: Bootak DJ’s- Bootek 030B
03: Vandall & Ryan B- Release
04: Shusei vs Ryoji Takahashi- Revolver (Munetica Remix)
05: Public Domain- Operation Blade (ASYS Mix)
06: McShane meets Vandall ft. Leome K- Take Me Away
06: Brian NRG- Suck My Balls
07: Bioweapon- Bounce
08: Karl Davis- Nocturnal
09: Quincy- Scarface
10: Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt & Ann Tsoulli- Hello Dave
11: Topvibe vs DJ Sy- Pacman
12: Adam Harris- Hyperspeed (Sy & Unknown Remix)
13: Tony De Vit- The Dawn (Original Mix)
14: BK- (Let The) Rhythm Move You (BK’s Clubcutz Remix)
15: Phatt B- And Da Drum Machine (BK Remix)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 02!

01: Bootek Dj’s- Bootek 025
02: Tidy Allstars- Get Up Stand Up (Farley & Maddox Remix)
03: Cally & Juice- Global Domination (Cally & Juice Original Mix)
04: Brian NRG- Real Street Shit
05: Jody 6- Japanese Robot Girl
06: Andy Whitby- Imagination (2009 Remix)
07: Sam Punk- I Am The Lord (Sam Punkz Original Tribute To Jules Club Mix)
08: Matt Pickup, Dave The Elf & Riggsy- Feels Like Monday
09: Weazal- Restricted
10: Grady G- 909
11: Random But Raw- Sex, Drugs N Lock N Load
12: Fretman & Alex F- Physical Encounter
13: A.c 1- Voodoo
14: Mario Piu Pres. DJ Arabesque- The Vision (Eufeion Hardcore Mix)
15: Mauro Picotto- Lizard (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 03!

01: George S- Tube (Original Mix)
02: BK- Rave Monkey (Original Mix)
03: Mark Sherry vs Dr Willis- Here Come The Drums (Marzz Mix)
04: Lab 4- Concept Of Love (SQ’s Electrik Shandy Remix)
05: Mindbender- Subconcious Power (Original Mix)
06: Donk E Kong- No Thong
07: Pearce M, Paul F & Kye Shand- Cry little Sister
08: Tony De Vit- Are You All Ready
09: Andy Whitby & Klubfiller- Get Down (Original Mix)
10: Craig Gee- Harmonic Disorder (Craig Gee vs Eamonn Fevah Mix)
11: J Nardi & J Dwyer- Evil Genius
12: Schranzformator #7- Jump Around
13: Scott Brown- Now Is The Time
14: Jonah- Sssst… (Listen) (Pants & Corset Remix)
15: Lee Haslam- Music Is The Drug


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 04!

01: Okos- Nagasaki (Original Mix)
02: Mindbender & Kikkoman- One Hit (Per Head banger)
03: Brian NRG- World Of War
04: Eskimo- Recycled
05: David Ding- Batter (Hi Freak 1c Remix)
06: Nick Rafferty & Nick Rowland- Hold That Sucker Down
07: Paul Maddox vs. Sam Townend & Deano AKA The Tidy DJs- Nut Job (Guyver Remix)
08: Klubfiller- Nobody (2009 Mix)
09: UK Gold- Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix)
10: Teknick- Uberbounce
11: Pearce M, Mini Minx & Riggsy- Let Me Clear My Throat
12: Lab 4- Funk Now
13: Bass Modulators- NRGizer
14: Buzz Fuzz vs Bass D & King Matthew- It’s Alright
15: 2 Damn Tuff vs RLD- Blow The Roof (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
16: The Teknoist- Poissoned 2003 (Fished) (Get Yer Gary’s Out)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 05!

01: Bootek DJ’s- Bootek 035A
02: Organ Donors- Looking For Drugs (Vandall’s Under The Knife Remix)
03: Bryn Whiting vs Kye Shand- Bitches Be Crazy
04: Anaklein- Lena (Technoboy Remix)
05: Steve NRG & Riggsy- We Keep It Turning
06: Phil Cogan- Switchblade
07: AK909- In The Street
08: Organ Donors- Wave Guide System (Fausto’s Under The Knife Remix)
09: Zatox feat. The R3bels- Storm (Original Mix)
10: AJ Battuta- Hoover Madness
11: Rich Halpin- The End (Original Mix)
12: Raff & Alan Pullen- Tremors
13: Ross Homson- Bupa Troopa
14: P.A.S.- Roughcut
15: Hardstyle Masterz & Max Enforcer- Rambo Is A Pussy
16: Anon- Born Slippery


Electronomist Pres… PreFix:Hard 06 (Xmas Special) Tracklisting…!

Dave’s Faves…

01: The Beatles- Christmas Time Is Here Again (Intro)
02: Moby- Thousand
03: Ralphie Dee- Mad As Hell
04: Shitmat- Bloodclot Jungle Techno!
05: Strychnine- Utopia Project
06: Hocus Pocus- Here’s Johnny
07: Earfist- Fucking Angry

Xmas Madness…

08: Louis Hardstrong- Santa Claus
09: The Stunned Stylzz- Do They Know It’s Christmas?
10: DJ Scumbag- Last Christmas
11: Faces Of Humanity- Frosty The Snowman
12: Hardcore Interphaze- Mary’s Boy Child
13: Genetrix- O Little Town Of Bethlehem
14: DJ Primo- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
15: DJ Primo- Home Alone @ Christmas
16: DJ Scumback- Merry Little Christmas
17: DJ Sparky- Let It Snow
18: Louis Hardstrong- Let It Snow
19: Hardcore Interphaze- Is That You Santa Claus?
20: DJ Maverick- Jingle Bells
21: Demonboy- Are You Santa Claus?
22: The Northern Boyz- Little Drummer Boy
23: The Perpetrator- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
24: Hardcore Nation- All I Want For X-mas
25: DJ Scumback- Jingle Bells All The Way
26: DJ Sparky- Rudolph The Hardcore Reindeer
27: Flippin’ Gee- Merry X-mas
28: DJ Primo- Merry Christmas
29: Bitch Crosby- Christmas Is Here
30: Hardcore Forces- Gabba Bells
31: Pray For Hardcore- Silent Nights Are Over


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 07!

01: Steve NRG vs Amp Attack- Trade My Mind (Re-Dub)
02: Alex Penn- Nightmare On Bass Street
03: Kid Sample- Leave The World Behind
04: Rockin Russ- Pop Idols
05: Equinox- Bronx Boppers
06: Audio Riot- Make Sum Noize (Original Mix)
07: Leon B, Martyn Lester & Kye Shand- Renegade
08: Gammer (Aka Matt Lee) & Klubfiller- Dam That DJ (Original Mix)
09: Pretender & Agent Zero- S Express
10: BK- Playing With knives (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix)
11: Andy Whitby & Matt Lee feat. MC Whizzkid- Rock It! (Audio Riot straight to action Edit)
12: Dave Curtis- This Is Frantic
13: Gem Stone- What Was That?
14: Dark 13- DV8
15: Shenton, Pearce M & Riggsy- Lipz
16: Glennroy- Krank


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 08!

01: IK- X Bass (Yoji Biomehanika Remix)
02: Greg Notill- Philosophical Devastation (Original mix)
03: Deadly Sins- Chapter Ten
04: Robert Natus- Shout And Loud
05: Unknown- Hide U
06: Sepromatiq- Flashtrash (Original Mix)
07: Alex Calver- Back 2 Front (Original Mix)
08: Boris S- Candyman
09: Ewe- Mariocore
10: Marcel Cousteau- U Know What
11: The Hitman- Behind Enemy Lines (Original Mix)
12: Albert Kraner- Imagine This Time (Original Mix)
13: Sorgenkint- Bananenrot (Viper XXL Remix)
14: Stardust- First Mission (Original Mix)
15: Kamaxo- Speaking With Gambrinus (Original Mix)
16: Boris S- Fight Club
17: Tube Tech And Eric Sneo- The End


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 09!

01: Jimmy J & Cru-L-T- Six Days
02: Scott Brown vs DJ Rab S- Now Is The Time
03: Stingray & Sonicdriver- Cold As Ice
04: Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo- Wonderful Days
05: Tokyo Ghetto Pussy- I Kiss Your Lips
06: The Ultimate Seduction- Together Forever
07: DJ Paul Elstak- Luv U More
08: Force & Styles- Wonderland
09: Force & Styles- Heart Of Gold
10: Hixxy & Sharkey- Toytown
11: Doctor Who- Love Of My Life
12: Highlander- Hold Me Now
13: Interactive- Forever Young
14: Infectious- I Need Your Lovin
15: DJ Paul Elstak- Rainbow In The Sky
16: Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo- Fantasy World
17: ZOEE- Tekkno Wonderland (Also known as ‘Raver’s Choice- Techno Wonderland’)
18: Lovechild- All Out Of Love (DJ Weirdo & Sim Remix)
19: Nakatomi- Children Of The Night
20: Party Animals- Have You Ever Been Mellow?
21: Bang!- Shooting Star
22: Eruption- Let The Music (Brisk Remix)
23: Technohead- I Wanna Be A Hippy
24: Hocus Pocus- Here’s Johnny
25: Delta 9- Never Stop
26: Nasenbluten- Cock Sucker


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 10!

Another Hardcore Themed one.
Here’s the tracklist…

01: CLSM- John Peel Is Not Enough
02: Sound Dezign- Happiness (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
03: Barthezz- On The Move (Stu Allen Remix)
04: System F- Cry (ReCon Remix)
05: Audiojunkie & Stylus feat Rachael- Free (Hardcore Mix)
06: Nock Off Nigel- Take Me Away
07: Jamie Ritmen- Southern Sun (Re-Edit)
08: Fragma- Toca’s Miracle 2008 (Darren Styles Remix)
09: Alice Deejay- Better Off Alone (Hardcore Mix)
10: Karaoke Pirates- Baby Baby
11: Mauro Picotto- Lizard (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
12: Eufeion- Pitcha 2009
13: JAKAZID- 40 Miles
14: Robbie Long & AMS- Kill Bill Vol II
15: Ultrvibes- Fuck You
16: Alex BassJunkie- Suck My Dick
17: Sc@r & Clodhopper- Subsonic


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 11!

Fat Tony Mix
1. Ruff in the Jungle (uplifting vibes mix) – The Prodigy
2. The Slammer – DJ Krome & Mr Time
3. Ronnie’s Revenge – Citadel of Kaos
4. The Hooded Claw (Tango Mix) – The Anthill Mob
5. Bish Bosh (sunnyside up remixes) – Yolk
6. In Effect – DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
7. Pennywise (2 Twisted Mix) – Mikey Finn & Bay-B-Kane
8. Ganja Man – DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer

Electronomist Bouncey Mix
01: Teknick- Uberbounce
02: UK Gold- Cuz The House Gets Warm
03: Gramophonedzie- Why Don’t You? (Sturdy Kitz Remix)
04: Matt Lee- Over 4 Me (Tom Parr Remix)
05: Jaffa Ramakin- Put Your House In Order (Original Mix)
06: Clubfoot- Keep On Dancin
07: JTS & JKO- Live & Let Donk (Bounce Mix)
08: Pearce M & Tom Berry- Closer Harmony
09: Bounceology DJ’s vs Tom Berry- Why Can’t We See?
10: DARK 13- Believe In Bounce
11: Showtek feat. MC Stretch- Dutchie


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 12!

01: Midi Distortion- Hi Jacked Symphony (Original Mix)
02: MDA & Spherical- Cosmos (Technikal Remix)
03: Thr4shold- Warriors (Original Mix)
04: Leon B- Disco Love (Original Mix)
05: Rodi Style- Makes Me Feel Funky
06: Louis Fernio- House Music
07: Lee ShortiE- The Empire
08: Phoenix vs CL Studios- Lucky Punk
09: Tom Berry And Pearce M- Wannadoo
10: Dave Curtis- Chunk Not Funk (Original Mix)
11: Rob Davies and MOT- Like This
12: Andy Whitby & Frank Farrell- Treadmill Turmoil (Original Mix)
13: Adam Michaels vs Riggsy- Mr Meaner
14: Defective Audio- 15V Pickup (Chicken Nugget Remix)
15: In2uition- I Believe
16: Discam and Kye Shand- I Need U (Okami Hard Bounce Remix)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 13!

1st Half Hour.. Fat Tony

12: Smoke Signals – Cube::Hard
13: Injected With A Poison (Hixxys HTID Mix) – Praga Khan
14: Dull Drums (Scott Attrill Remix) – Sam Townend, Andy Farley
15: Komodo – Mauro Picotto
16: I Believe – In2uition
17: Innocente (Joe-Es Electek Remix) – Diablik
18: Sweet Sensation Re-edit – Anne Savage & BK Remix


01: Gary B Meets Hi Freak1c- House Music
02: Batten Brow- Hopscotch
03: Dexitron- Madness
04: Hilz’E vs Hi Freak1c- Frequency Response
05: El Superbeasto- Gouryella 2010
06: Jud Roper & hi Freak1c- Rain
07: Helen G vs Technikal- Reckless
08: Dramatik and Bass Junction- Ground Control
09: Sonny Summers- Till Tears Do Us Part
10: Gammer- Chainsaw Bass (Bounce Mix)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 14!

01: Nexus 6- Tres Chic (Original Mix)
02: Captain Tinrib- The Blue Oyster
03: Fergie & BK- Hoovers & Horns (Ingo Remix)
04: The Flashback Project- Ease The Pressure (Strange Dave and Riggsy Remix)
05: Weazal & Deano- Fake Bake

06. Touch The Sky – Pearce M & Riggsy
07. Feel Good – Lusty & Bonzo
08. Oceanic – Sturdy Kitz Vs Lazenza
09. Charly – Digital Kid & DJ Lusty
10. Daft Cunt – P.A.S
11. I Found You (Nasty Neil E Remix) – Axwell
12. Lost In Love (Kid Sample Remix) – Legend B

13: Del Vecchio & Rookie- Exit Light
14: KloneZ- Poison (Original Mix)
15: Future Resonance- Mutter Fucka
16: Dramatik- Vicious Distortion (Rusty Nail Mix)


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 15!

01: Mr Sam vs T99- Anasthasia (Original Mix)
02: Neal Thomas- Jack’s Back
03: Joe-E – Music Generation (Night Liberator Remix)
04: RR Fierce- You Don’t Know
05: Nik Denton- Bassboxer (Jody 6 Remix)
06: Klubfiller & Discam- Pills & Thrills (Original Mix)
07: Klubfiller & Karlston Khaos- Front 2 The Back (Original Mix)
08: Gary O’Connor & Matt Capitani- Illusion
09: Manik- Twist
10: Defective Audio & Toryn D- Shoot To Thrill (Original Mix)
11: Steve NRG- Riff Twist (Original Talk To Frank Mix)
12: WhiteHayz- Hailstone
13: Ben Stevens & Michael Smith- Dominate
14: Mass Destruction- Trance and Acid
15: DJ Palas vol.5- Mojo Picon


Electronomist Presents… PreFix:Hard 16!

01: Lisa Pin up- Neonbitsglampieces
02: Dark 13- Darby’s Theme 2 (Darby’s Guna Getcha… Yes He Is)
03: Pez & MOT- Mystery Weekend
04: Ross Homson- Moose Knuckle (Defective Audio Remix)
05: Rodi Style & Dr Device- What Da Fuck
06: Tom Urwin- Clueless Clubbers (Original Mix)
07: RR Fierce- Full Metal (Paul Glazby Remix)
08: Sinobe- Kiss Me Fat Boy
09: Steve Hill & Phlash!- Get a Life You Drug Addicts (Frantic Theme) 2010 (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Remix)
10: Sonik & Savage- Fairy Dust
11: Ben Stevens & Bangs Matt- Zambata
12: Joe- E- Addicted To Love
13: Brent Sadowick- Afrika (Andy Richmond Remix)
14: Hellraiser & Satyriasis- Resonant Evil


PreFix:Hard 17 (some of my favourite bouncy tracks of the last 6 months!)…

01: Dark13- Believe In Bounce
02: Dark13- DV8
03: Dark13- Darby’s Theme (Darby’s Guna Getcha… Yes He Is)
04: Northern Light Presents DJ Mafia vs Dj Zimu- Kick The Bass
05: Charlie DJ & DJ Tono- Bouncer Drums (Klubb’ed Mix)
06: DJ Lara & Sergi Val- Pumpin Jumpin
07: Clubfoot- Keep On Dancin
08: Teknick- Uberbounce
09: Jaffa Ramakin- Put Your House In Order (Original Mix)
10: The Flashback Project- Ease The Pressure (Strange Dave & Riggsy Remix)
11: Fumar & Stephen Hallman V’s KS1- Dyson (Original Mix)
12: Tony De Leon- Old Skewl
13: Pearce M & Tom Berry- Closer Harmony
14: Tom Berry & Pearce M- Wannadoo
15: Bounceology DJ’s vs Tom Berry- Why Can’t We See?
16: Rob Davies & MOT- Like This
17: Klifford- Let The Beat Bang (Bounce Mix)


PreFix:Hard 18 (more faves from the last 6 months!)…

01: Dramatik and Bass Junction- Ground Control
02: Gary B meets Hi Freak1c- House Music
03: Defective Audio- OMG
04: Mass Destruktion- Trance and Acid
05: Andy Whitby & Frank Farrell- Treadmill Turmoil (Original Mix)
06: Dave Curtis- Chunk Not Funk (Original Mix)
07: Lee ShortiE- The Empire
08: Sonny Summers- Till Tears Do Us Part
09: Helen G vs Technikal- Reckless
10: Technikal vs JK- Higher
11: In2uition- I Believe
12: Dexitron- Madness
13: Adam Michaels vs Riggsy- Mr Meaner
14: Rich Resonate & Konekt- Cmd Ctrl
15: Defective Audio- 15V Pickup (Chicken Nugget Remix)
16: Jon The Baptist and DJ Chuck E- Expand Your Mind (DJ Activator and Francesco Zeta Remix)


PreFix:Hard 19 Tracklisting…

01: Base Graffiti- Massive
02: Konekt & Rich Resonate- Women’s Work
03: Dave Curtis- Submarine
04: Ben Stevens & Michael Smith- Keep Movin
05: WhiteHayz- Damaged
06: John Rideout & Defective Audio- Radical
07: Defective Audio- Bring The Bass Back (2010 Remix)
08: Rich Halpin- Psirens (Original Mix)
09: Rodi Style- Can’t Touch This
10: Klubfiller- R.A.W. (Original Mix)

OneLeggedPunk T.C. Showcase mix
Nasty Neil E & Random But Raw – Nasty But Raw (Princess S.K.B & Jack Richards Remix)
Steve Gillen & Brad Duke – I’ve Seen Things
Andy K & Ben Boag – Help & Support
Weazel – Filthy Mofo
Dark Society vs Headsex – Echoes
Phil Cogan & Janet Jinx – Gatekeeper
Kam-Pain VS Narc – Hit The Fan


    PreFix:Hard 20 Tracklisting…

    01: Legend B- Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix)
    02: Steve Blake- Venom (Dave Ding Remix)
    03: Manik and Joel Hewitt- Phatt Burger (Original Mix)
    04: Tom Berry- Go
    05: Tom Berry- In Control
    06: Zak F & Aaron C- Kushti
    07: DARK 13- Dragnet
    08: Technikal vs Wain Johnstone and Discam- Mosquito (Original Mix)
    09: French Sound DJ’s & DJ Ness-X- Te Quiero Puta
    10: DJ Fonz- Floor Burn
    11: Jck & Key vs Darrell White- Dance With The Devil
    12: Dave Curtis- Brian
    13: Rodi Style- Remedy (James Nardi & DJ Opel Remix)
    14: High Dosage- Nausea (Original Mix)
    15: Glenn Roy- VHS


    PreFix:Hard 21 Tracklisting…

    01: DJ Igor & Jon Doe- Get Up and Rock (Original Mix)
    02: Leon B- Filthy Funker
    03: Rockin Russ- The Tape
    04: Darrell White- Thrashed
    05: Konekt & Rich Resonate- Roach Motel
    06: Kid Sample & Stu Cowper- Reverence
    07: Ben Stevens- Powerful (Original Mix)
    08: Ben Stevens- Deep Underground
    09: Okami- 2 The Bassline (Original Mix)
    10: Burnn- Stimulate
    11: AWsum All Starz- Ssssh Listen! (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix)
    12: Lusty & Hyperstate- Music In Me (torsion 2 Remix)
    13: James K- kick The Bass
    14: Rodi Style- 45 Caliber
    15: Paul Glazby- The Thrasher


    PreFix:Hard 22 Tracklisting…

    01: Dark By Design – Dark Night
    02: Leon B vs Tom Parr – Cheeky Mother! (Original Mix)
    03: John Ridout – Liquid Killer (Original Mix)
    04: Gary B – Funkin Disco Biscuits (Andy Farley Remix)
    05: KS1 & Skitzee – Something Real & Bouncy (Original Mix)
    06: Firefox & Grimm – Altered Beast – Original Mix
    07: Discam and Kye Shand – Freaky Lookin DJ (Original Mix)
    08: Leon B – Voodoo Hoover (Original Mix)
    09: Manik & Josh B – B-D-I-S (Original Mix)
    10: WhiteHayz – Let Um Know
    11: Base Graffiti – Bumble Bee
    12: Tom Basquil vs James Nardi – Testify (Original Mix)
    13: Phizz & Riggsy – Meow (Original Mix)
    14: Rascal and Hustler – ED 2009


    PreFix:Hard 23 Tracklisting…

    01: Lucid- I Cant Help Myself (Re-Con Remix)
    02: Carte Blanche- Veracocha (Nothern Soldier 09′ Hardcore Remix)
    03: Nukleuz Kollective presents Cortina- Music Is Moving (Gammer Hardcore Remix)
    04: Gammer, Re-Con & Klubfiller- Bang Yer Head Off (Original Mix)
    05: Dj Infinty & Wibbskii- Talk To Me (Original Mix)
    06: Al Storm- Everybody In The Club
    07: Haze & Zander- The Police
    08: Warp Brother vs Aquagen- Phatt Bass (Re-Con Remix)
    09: Hoodzie- Dirty Basses (Original Mix)
    10: Tek Freq & Mizel- Fuck the beat
    11: Petruccio & Modulate- Dirty Beats
    12: Hoodzie- Distraction (Original Mix)
    13: 4orce DJ- Stranger In The Night
    14: Haze & S3RL- Street Fighter
    15: Eufeion- Zelda’s Ass
    16: Gridbreaker- Mix The Track
    17: Petruccio & Modulate- Wet Knickers
    18: THUNDER- Toxic
    19: Earfist- S.T.F.U.
    20: 3 Steps Ahead- In The Name Of Love (Negative A Refix)


    PreFix:Hard 24 (A Year Of PreFix:Hard) Tracklisting…

    01: Brian NRG- Suck My Ballz
    02: Showtek featuring Mc Stretch- Dutchie
    03: Konekt & Rich Resonate – Womens Work (JP & Jukesy HF10 Remix)
    04: Leon B – Voodoo Hoover (Original Mix)
    05: AJ Battuta- Hoover Madness
    06: Dave Curtis- Chunk Not Funk (Original Mix)
    07: DARK13 – Dragnet
    08: Bounceology DJ’s Vs Tom Berry- Why Can’t We See
    09: El Superbeasto- Gouryella 2010
    10: AWsum All-Starz- Sssh Listen! (Andy Whitby Klubfiller Remix)
    11: Matt Lee- Over 4 Me (Tom Parr Remix)
    12: Gary B meets Hi Freak1c- House Music
    13: Pretender & Agent Zero- S Express
    14: Leon B vs Tom Parr – Cheeky Mother! (Original Mix)
    15: Defective Audio- 15V Pickup (Chicken Nugget Remix)
    16: Glenn Roy – VHS


    PreFix:Hard 25 Tracklisting…

    01: Paul F & Sheargold – Carte Blanche 2010 (Original Mix)
    02: Tom Parr – Hooverstruck (Original Mix)
    03: Gaz Gibson – The Equaliser (Rodi Style Remix)
    04: Carbon Based, DJ Rx & Proteus – Fleshfest (Original Mix)
    04: Eufex – Resurrection
    06: Paul F – Feel The Melody
    07: Sturdy Kitz Vs Cairnsy – Body Rockin
    08: Defective Audio – Headtwist (Original Mix)
    09: Adam Michaels vs SwitchDisk – Into The Sound
    10: Mark Ashley + K Complex – Atomic Orbital (Fracus & Darwins Progressive Remix)
    11: S3RL – Fretman – Just Fcuk
    12: Yolanda Be Cool Vs D Cup – We No Speak Americano (Gammer Remix)
    13: Dj Rampage – Panda Style (Jerv n Hoj remix)
    14: Alex BassJunkie – Kamikaze (I Can Almost Taste It)
    15: Alex BassJunkie – In & Out My Life
    16: Eufeion & Denile – Rewind In Time (Original Mix)


    PreFix:Hard 26 Tracklisting…

    01: Alumina – Hyperspeed (Ingo Mix)
    02: Firefox – Synesthesia
    03: Cyberdrive – Bounce 2 Da Beat (Original Mix)
    04: GlennRoy and James Gibson – Monkey Business
    05: Nick Rowland- Honey
    06: Technikal feat. Nathalie – Drifting Away
    07: April – Its Not What You Think
    08: Ben Townsend – Redtail (Original Mix)
    09: James Thorpe – Rave On (Iridium Remix)
    10: KS2 & Leighton D – Bass Pumpin (Original Mix)
    11: Tom Berry – Rock The Place (Original Mix)
    12: Weazal & Deano – Insania
    13: Phatt Beats and Sonny Summers – Wu Tang
    14: Defiant DJs – Knaz (Original Mix)


PreFix:Hard 27 Tracklisting…

01: Sam Punk- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
02: Tongue & Groove- Hella Good (Original Mix)
03: Nish- Get Down Everybody (Original Mix)
04: Aaron Olson- The Truth
05: Batten & Brow vs James Nardi- Sidewinder (Original Mix)
06: Rodi Style & Cally Gage- Beatbox Exchange (Gem Stone Remix)
07: BK & Klubfiller- Definatly Maybe (Hard Version)
08: Random But Raw- Too See Eyed
09: Evo D & Maxwell Vs BoneIDOL- The Podcast (Steve Hewitt Remix)
10: Andy Whitby & Klubfiller- Blam! (Original Mix)
11: Kye Shand – Walking Out That Door
12: Masmada- Repent (Paul Glazby Remix)
13: Jopo- Good Vibrations
14: Kam-Pain- Hitman
15: Transient Motion- No Further


PreFix:Hard 28 Tracklisting…

01: Wain Johnstone & Energy Syndicate- Ounce Of Bounce (Original Mix)
02: Paul-F, Matt P, Justin Daniels & Jamie R- Kickin The Bass Drum (Original Mix)
03: Massimo Croce & Ali Abou el Fadl- Reverse Engineering (Original Mix)
04: Simon Qudos & Xinetd_D feat Alix Rix- Angel (Original Mix)
05: CRW- I Feel Love (Total Control Remix)
06: Defective Audio- The Creator (Ben Stevens Remix)
07: Technikal vs K-Series- Nu Dawn (Steve Hill vs Technikal Re-Rub)
08: NG Rezonance vs Guyver- Post-Traumatic Stress (Original)
09: Massimo Croce & Ali Abou el Fadl- D.W.P (Original Mix)
10: Matt Capitani- Stash and Roll
11: Rodi Style- Saturated Phat
12: Burak Harsitlioglu- Oblivion (Xinetd_Ds Voyager Remix)
13: StoneIDOL vs Maxwell & Ben Williams- Stop The Monster
14: Luca Antolini and Andrea Montorsi- Wrong (Experience de la Folie Mix)
15: Luca Antolini- Universe Of Harmony


    Electronomist Pres. Eclectic Sessions (Originally broadcast on the now defunct…

Dance Biscuit Eclectic Session 15 Hosted By Electronomist!

01: Extreme- Play With Me
02: Blackstreet feat. Dr Dre- No Diggity
03: The Gourds- Gin And Juice
04: Adamski Ft. Seal- Killer
05: Heaven 17- Temptation
06: Harry J Allstars- Liquidator
07: Ocean Colour Scene- The Circle
08: Adventures of Stevie V- Dirty Cash (Money Talks)
09: Kylie Minogue- Confide In Me
10: 10cc- I’m Not In Love
11: Starlight- Numero Uno
12: Orbital- One Perfect Sunrise


Dance Biscuit Eclectic Session 14 Hosted By Electronomist!

01: The Shadows- F.B.I.
02: Tim ‘Love’ Lee- Off-license Tear-Away
03: Candidate- Song Of The Oss
04: Mansun- Wide Open Space
05: Easy Star All-Stars- Electioneering
06: Rozalla- Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)
07: Super Furry Animals- Something 4 The Weekend
08: Portishead- Undenied
09: Everything But The Girl- Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix)
10: Dilated Peoples- Worst Comes To Worst
11: Luniz- I Got 5 On It (Reprise)
12: The Blow- Parentheses (Dat Politics Remix)
13: Jam & Spoon- Right In The Night (Original Mix)
14: Bloc Party- Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)


Dance Biscuit Eclectic Session 13 Hosted By Electronomist!

01: House Traffic- Everyday Of My Life (Highway Mix)
02: Pepe Deluxe- Before You Leave
03: M Beat feat General Levy- Incredible
04: Backyard Dog- Baddest Ruffest
05: 4 Hero- Les Fleur
06: White Town- Your Woman
07: Etienne De Crecy feat. Camille- Someone Like You (Fast Track Vocal Mix)
08: Happy Mondays- Hallelujah (Club Mix)
09: Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- The Girly Had A Moustache
10: The Knife- Heartbeats
11: The Beat- Tears Of A Clown
12: Kosheen- Suicide
13: Depeche Mode- Enjoy The Silence


Dance Biscuit Eclectic Session 7 Hosted By Electronomist!

01: Moloko- Pure Pleasure Seeker
02: Air- Kelly Watch The Stars
03: Soulwax- Krack (Nite Version)
04: Apollo 440- Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Dub
05: Goldie- Inner City Life
06: Jeggsy Dodd & The Original Sinners- 3AM In Bold Street
07: Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip- A Letter From God To Man
08: Blackalicious- Chemical Calisthenics
09: Cypress Hill- Prelude To A Come Up
10: Glass Candy- Digital Versicolor
11: Chase & Status feat. Plan B- Pieces
12: Breakestra- The Gettin’ To It
13: Mindless Self Indulgence- Shut Me Up
14: The Lancashire Hotpots- A Lancashire DJ


Dance Biscuit Eclectic Session 2 Hosted By Electronomist!

01: Wendy Carlos- Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
02: Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band- A Fifth Of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)
03: Aphex Twin- Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
04: Shitmat- That Goats Skull Ain’t No Good For Salivating K-Head Zombies
05: Lolita Storm- I Luv Speed
06: Jinny- Keep Warm
07: F.c. Kahuna- Glitterball
08: Max Romeo & The Upsetters- I Chase The Devil
09: The Jungle Brothers- Jungle Brother (Urban Takeover Mix)
10: New Order- Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)
11: Miss Kittin feat. L.A. Williams- Requiem For A Hit
12: 2 Live Crew- Pop That Pussy



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