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Bowker- Sail To The Deep (Out Now!)

Bowker Banner

It’s PROMO time this Monday with the release of a new album “Sail To The Deep” by coastal rock trio “Bowker“. The latest release on the “Searching for Dandelions” label is a ten track concept album with a nautical vibe.
Billed as “A tale of adventure, sex and death on the high seas” the tracks flow effortlessly from one to another across a perfect mix of Rock, Pop, Indie, Blues, Prog… and experimental styles (hell I probably missed out some genres but you get the idea!).

While intended to be listened to as an album in full (something that unfortunately is increasingly becoming a rarity in people’s listening habits) there are some tracks on there that could work great over the airwaves as standalone singles. In my opinion “My Father’s Vessel”, “The Bar (Valentina Part 3)” and “Sirens” fall perfectly into this bracket.
Still, I would highly recommend a listen of the whole album as intended.

Here are links to some of the places available to Purchase/Stream the album…

Bandcamp (always a favourite of mine as you get such a wide choice of download formats!)



Google Play

And streamable on…

See? No excuses to avoid listening or purchasing!

Basement Jaxx- Unicorn

Basement Jaxx- Unicorn

Basement Jaxx- Unicorn

Today’s musical discovery for me is a tune to be featured on the next Basement Jaxx album. “Unicorn” sounds brilliantly Old Skool along with the type of sound, production and structure any long-time fan of the duo should instantly recognize. I’m liking this a lot so I await the album with baited breath in the hope that the rest of it is just as good; either way I will be purchasing this track for myself once released (details of which are on their Soundcloud page).