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DJ Davy J – Reworx Vol.2

Following on from my “Reworx” mix I made last year here’s a newer longer one with remixes and reworks from the 60’s to the 2000’s in a House style!


01 Block & Crown – People Everyday (Original Mix)
02 Ghostbusterz – My Girl (Original Mix)
03 Ghostbusterz – Shout To The Top (Original Mix)
04 Block & Crown – Hungry Dancer (Original Mix)
05 Block & Crown – Betty Davis (Original Mix)
06 Disco Gurls – Love’s Gone Behind (Club Mix)
07 Fleetwood Mac – Be With You Everywhere (Casual Connection Rework)
08 Steve Tosi – Heaven (Original Mix)
09 Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – Not In Love (Original Mix)
10 Block & Crown, Lissat, Maickel Telussa – Reflex (Original Mix)
11 Steve Tosi – Ladies Night (Original Mix)
12 Ghostbusterz – The Sucker Dj’s (Original Mix)
13 Rubber People – Private Eyes (Original Mix)
14 Relight Orchestra, Mitch B., Mato Locos, Didascalis – Save A Prayer (Original Mix)
15 Ghostbusterz – Turn Turn Turn (Original Mix)
16 Richard Grey – Made It Back (Original Mix)
17 Ghostbusterz – Everyday (Original Mix)
18 Block & Crown, Lissat – No War (Original Mix)
19 Nari – Heart To Heart (Original Mix)
20 Ghostbusterz – Go Have Fun Girls (Original Mix)
21 Ken@Work – Nobody (Original Mix)
22 Block & Crown – Tropicana Sweat (Original Mix)
23 Spdj, Pete Hertz – That’s The Way (Original Mix)
24 Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’ (Jet Boot Jack Remix – Extended)
25 Richard Grey – Crazy In Love (Original Mix)
26 Disco Gurls – Chasing Waterfalls (Extended Mix)
27 Nari, Steve Tosi – The Riddle (Original Mix)
28 Paul Parsons – Go Round Again (Original Mix)
29 Block & Crown ft. Peter Yates – Wonderful Life (Original Mix)
30 Richard Grey, SHERPA, Eddie Pay – Notorious (Original Mix)
31 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Nowhere To Run (Jet Boot Jack Remix – Extended)
32 Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – Flashdancer (Original Mix)

Click HERE to download!


DJ Davy J – Reworx

A fun upbeat House mix of (Mostly) 70’s/80’s Remixes, reworks and cover versions by other artists that I like!



Sister Sledge
Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
Sometimes (Les Bisous Remix)
Ladies On Mars
The Billy Of Queens (Vocal Mix)
Softmal & Nytron
My Girl (Original Mix)
Human League
Don’t You Want MeĀ  (Purple Disco Machine Extended Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat
Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
Secret Guest
Gonna Get You (Original Mix)
Colin Hay, Luude
Down Under (feat. Colin Hay) (Majestic Remix)
Club Report vs. Edison Lighthouse
Love Grows (In Rosemary’s Disco) (Extended Mix)
Lee Wilson, Kelvin Sylvester
Everything She Wants (Dr Packer Remix)
Blusa, Bignoise & Loja
Everybody Shakin’ (Original Mix)
Could U B Loved (Extended Mix)
Jeny Preston
Over You (Original Mix)
Joseph Sinatra & Zetaphunk ft. M-Violet
One Way Ticket (Extended Mix)
Hiva & J.R. Mark
Love Emergency (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons
Gabriel (Clubdubb)
Paul Parsons, Lissat
Sexy (Original Mix)
Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang
By The River (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown
Good Heart (Original Mix)
Ian Ossia
Living In A Disco (Original Mix)
Redondo, Senders
All My Lovin’ (Extended Mix)
Danny Darko
Let’s Groove (Extended Mix)
That’s The Way (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat
Rule The World (Original Mix)
Ministry Of Funk
Automatic Lover (Feel Me Nu Disco Mix)
Start The Party
I Feel Love (Kevin McKay Remix)

Dj/Producer Copycats and Imposters.

Last week was a time of many frustrations for me, some of my own making, some most definitely not. With the idea of streamlining my website into one single url and starting to create a more uniform web presence in anticipation of new musical releases I have been working on I accidentally deleted my website including all my old posts!
What you see here is all I could salvage, it looks the same but with less content. Of course this has now totally screwed with my Google rankings which is a massive pain but I feel I shouldn’t dwell on it for too long and focus on the future. I saw my future as including new original releases, some DJ mixes, and some reviews and promotion of other artists music.

Electronomist by BETA-CVN Art

When Googling my own name I came to notice a result high up (presumably as it is a Facebook page and was fairly active) with the name “DJ electronomist”. I instantly knew that it wasn’t me as I never use the prefix “DJ”; mainly as I do not limit myself just to the art of mixing. I checked this page out and was bowled over by the sheer quantity of images of David Guetta and total lack of musical content. This pissed me off for a few reasons as I am not really a fan of that artist, the page admin was using my name, and couldn’t even be bothered to use images of himself or post any music (Original or stolen)!

My main annoyance was that I originally chose the name “Electronomist” for the very good reason of there being no Google results for that name at all, a good basis for building up an identity/brand/whatever. This was back in early 2008, I had a basic ugly website, some amateur music, but decent mixes (if I do say so myself). A while after that I noticed someone had been using my name in another part of the world yet spelling it slightly different (with a “k” instead of a “c”). This wasn’t so bad as we were in different parts of the world, had different music and different spellings.
Electronomist Logo 1
Fast forward to 2014 (although the page in question was set up at the end of 2013) and this imposter page on Facebook claims to be a combination of the two of us. He has been using the other guys radio show to gain “popularity” alongside pictures if his idol Guetta and using my name. And this person’s main mission? To get many likes on Facebook, as can be seen in our correspondence below.
Now to me that is sad as if you measure your successes in life through social media “likes” then there is not much going for you; especially when you are using other people’s works images and names to reach those heady heights of success!
Just today I have noticed this person uploading music to his Soundcloud account, (so called) remixes (more like re-edits at the most), mashups (which I suspect are possibly stolen from the other similar named artist/DJ), and music- all using my name. This is more shameful as it is music that I do not wish my name to be associated with! facebook-dislike-button1
I would trademark my name but do not earn enough money through music to make it worthwhile, so I suppose that leaves me to suck it up and ignore the issue. As you can see below I have tried to make this person see the error of their ways but to no avail, he is oblivious to how sad he looks and totally unapologetic. If I had made the same error of judgement I would have humbly and apologetically corrected my mistakes and renamed myself, but it appears that not everyone in this world can be as nice as that.

Here is some images of the fun I’ve had trying to settle this…
wpid-dick.jpg(Oh look he used my old URL and a picture of David Guetta… how professional!).

Argument1Naturally I get a little bit pissed off!

Arguement2This is where it starts to become clear that he is ripping off a different “Elektronomist” (who I believe has the show) and the original “Electronomist” (who is me of course!).

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-19-15-20-24.png“Best DJ of India” and at that time his Soundcloud page was empty of any musical content (it now has some tunes which I do not wish to be associated with).

FaketronomistRight here is where he readily admits he is in this for the “likes”, and I show my anger a bit (again lol).

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-20-13-04-15.pngAccuses me of being jealous (which gave me a good giggle!). I throw in a little joke (image of Avid Merrion to highlight the creepy stalker-ish nature of his Guetta obsession)….
Which went completely over his head (understandable to be fair as the character is from a British TV show)

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-20-18-23-03.pngAdmits I inspired his name (maybe me or the other feller, not the point though), and then says it’s just a name (wish I had trademarked it at times like this)!

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-14-47-5401.png.pngI explain the image and make a little suggestion of a name change for him!

Thought we were reaching an understanding at this point… oh how wrong was I?!

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-15-10-2901.png.pngHate to break it to him but “I can’t get no satisfaction” over this farce! And no I will not assist someone who is capable of setting up a Facebook page in changing their name, surely that is not too hard for them?!

After this I chose to ignore it all, until…
wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-07-30-27.pngHe really takes the piss by listing tunes as “electronomist remixes”. Time for me to knuckle down and create some more original Electronomist music and mixes (maybe a new radio show, as it’s been too long!) to show him how it’s really done!

As you can now see this person is clearly confused and deluded. The Internet can be a wonderful place, useful for information, connecting people, sharing art and music with your followers and fans, making the world a better place. But it also has its problems as we all know! This one is new to me. It made me wonder if similar has happened to other artists, particularly amateur artists who do not have a team of lawyers to sort their affairs out. I would like to hear from anyone who has suffered the same issues and how they handled it.

Signed Yours truly,
(the real, original, official etc…) Electronomist