Elektronikka (Compiled/Mixed by Electronomist)

Elektronikka (Compiled/Mixed by Electronomist)

I thought it’s about time I did a new mix so here is something a little different from me. It’s a selection of tunes compiled and mixed by me, all inspired by or featuring on movie and TV soundtracks,

with the occasional movie sample thrown in for good measure!

Hope you all enjoy it! (Download Here!)

01: Electronomist-OST 2
02: Daft Punk- The Grid
03: Glass Candy- Digital Versicolor
04: Cliff Martinez- Wanna Fight
05: College Feat. Electric Youth- A Real Hero
06: Giorgio Moroder- Giorgio’s Theme
07: Daft Punk- End of Line
08: Emika- Wicked Game (DJ 20Hz Remix 2014)
09: Aphex Twin- IZ-US
10: Q-Tip- Work It Out [Stint Remix]
11: Tangerine Dream- Burning Bar
12: Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène, Pt. XI
13: Pixelord – Shuffleclub VIP
14: Humans – Avec Mes Mecs
15: Vector-Lovers- Substrata
16: Deadmau5- Fustercluck
17: Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid Edit)
18: Josh Wink- Are You There
19: Acid Kid-It’s 2005 Jack Did U Notice?
20: Michael Giacchino- I’m So Promoted
21: Orbital- Adnan’s
22: Spicelab- Quicksand
23: Tomita – Star Wars (Main Title)


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