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Electronomist Pres. Prefix:Hard 2014
(A banging Hard Dance mix!)

Electronomist- TekkDeco!
(A Techno/Electro 2 Hour Mix)

Electronomist- Lomax Mix!
(A re-recording of a mix performed at the Lomax in Liverpool)

Electronomist- Xmas Gabber Mixtape!
(A “Christmassy” Hardcore/Gabber Mix!)

Davy J- A Funkin’ & A Jackin’ Vol 2
(Funky, Jackin’ House Mix!)

Electronomist- PreFix:Hard 2013
(Banging Hard Dance Mix!)

Electronomist- Filthy Little BassTards!
(An Electro House mix from 2007!)

Electronomist- Bleepz, Squeakz & Freakz!
(An Electro House mix from 2007!)

Electronomist- Vocal Trance Classics!
(A mix from 2010… 2 hours of vocal Trance classics!)

Electronomist- Quick Fix Techno Mix!
(Older banging Techno tunes!)

Electronomist- E13CTRO
(Nice Electro/House Mix!)

Electronomist- New Toy/Old Trance
(Some classic Trance tunes!)

Alba Trance Sessions 2012 Mix 2 (Electronomist)
(A special mix for the Alba Trance Sessions!)

Electronomist pres. Intranced Vol 2
(The second in the series!)

Electronomist pres. New Year’s Revolution!
(A funky & filthy Hard Dance mix!)

Electronomist pres. Intranced Vol 1
(The first in a new Trance mix series!)

Trance Community TC006- Mixed By Electronomist
(My Trancecommunity.com mix… full .rar package)

Davy J- A Funkin’ And A Jackin’!
(Funky, jackin’, soulful house mix!)

Electronomist Trancecommunity DJ Showcase 3 mix!
(A half hour of House!)

Electronomist Guest Mix For Trance Express!
(A 30 Minute Trance mix for the Trance Express radio show!)

Electronomist- ProgElektroTek!
(Prog/Electro/Tech/House mix)

Davy J- My House Goes Deep!
(Deep House mix under my other alias)

Trance Community TC001- Mixed By Electronomist
(My Trancecommunity.com mix… full .rar package)

Electronomist- D.I.S.K.O!
(A Disco House Mix)

Electronomist- Piano Classics!
(Classic Old Skool Piano House!)

Electronomist- Dark ‘N’ Frosty!
(A Dark Techy/Techno Mix)

Electronomist- State Of Bliss!
(Mix inspired by some great nights out at the recently departed Bliss/Kingsway/Astoria)

(Laidback Groovin’ House Mix!)

Guest Mix For Kinetics!
(Electronomist Guest Mix For LC Brown’s Kinetics Show!!)

Dance Biscuit Pres. A Journey Through Dance- Electronomist Mix!
(Hard Trance Mix)

Electronomist- Dance Biscuit Promo Mix!
(Hard Dance Promo For PreFix:Hard)

Electronomist- Trance Community Uplifting Special 3!!
(Uplifting trance Mix)

Electronomist- Trance Community Uplifting Special 2!!
(Uplifting trance Mix)

Dance Biscuit Trance Night- Electronomist Mix!

Electronomist- Warmin’ Up Tha House!
(A Summery 2 Hour House Mix!)

Electronomist & Ph@t Tony- Easter Hard Mix!
(A Special Back2Back Hard Dance Mix!)

Technicianz April 2010 Special!
(Mixes from Electronomist, Furiotek, & Transient Motion, all in one special mixup!)

Electronomist vs Fat Tony- A Dance Biscuit With Your Hardcore!
(Old Skool & Hard House Mix)

Electronomist Guest Mix For Transient Motion!
(Progressive & Tech)

Electronomist TC Special #2
(30 min House mix)

Electronomist TC Special
(30 min 2009 house mix)

Technicianz Dance Biscuit New Year Special!

Autumnal Electro!
(A nice cosy Electro mix to warm you up!)

The Tech-Ten Vol.1!
(Tech-Trance Stormers!)

Technicianz Tek Test Oct 2009!
(Transient Motion vs Electronomist Back2back!)

Technicianz Tek Test Vol3 (Ard As Nailz)!
(For Those Who Like It Hard!)

Midsummer Euphoria!
(Floaty, Euphoric, Uplifting Trance!)

Summer House!
(A Nice Summery House Mix!)

Get Yer Funk On!!
(A Funky Summery Housey Mix!)

Technicianz Tek Test Vol 1 (Technofunki)
(A Fast And Funky Techno Mix!!!)

Are Yer ‘Avin A Trance Then?
(Inspired by a Goodgreef night at the Warehouse project!)

Davy’s Ibiza Warm-Up Mix 1!
(Summery Balearic Classic Trance!)

Davy’s Ibiza Warm-Up Mix 2!
(Summery Balearic Trance!)

(Filthy Funkin Electro To Shake Yer Arse To!!!)

Electronic Filth!!
(Dirty Filthy Rockin Electro!!!)

Dark Beatz!
(Dark Dirty Acidic Electro And House!)

Sparsity- A Late Night Mix!
(Deep Minimal House And Techno!)

Just Cos I’m ABLEto!
(An Electro House Mix Using Ableton!)

Made 2 Make U Move!
(A Mix of Some Of Me and My Mates Classic Raving Tunes!)

‘Avin It ‘Ardcore!
(A Slammin’ Hardcore Mix!)

90’s Dance On Cheese Mix!
(A Mix Of Cheesy 90’s Dance!)


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