Tunes I Like Right Now!

Been a while since I posted so here is a run-down of some tunes I am liking at the moment!Like music

First up is “The Real Deal” by Douglas Inc; a quirky Electro EP with some mad sounds. I especially like “The Deal (The Real Deal)”.

Here are a few places to purchase it…


Next up is a stormer from “Kinetica” called “The Stalker”. I am liking this harder side to his productions!

It can be purchased here…


Now for something different again…
The latest release from “Bowker” called “Girl Jam” is a Pop/Rock affair with great guitar licks, solid drumming and meaty bass, well worth a listen!

It can be purchased or streamed at most of the main online digital music vendors but here’s a few to start you off…


Finally here is one that won’t be out for a while but hopefully it doesn’t get overplayed before it is (I wouldn’t want to get sick of listening but radio stations can force you to hate music when previewed too early and played a lot). Anyway combining the excellent production skills of “Sigma” and the soulful vocals of Paloma Faith this Poppy D&B tune will probably be a hit.
Sigma Feat. Paloma Faith- Changing


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